Other things I like to do.

toy castles built from pallet wood

Pallets to Castles

I love a good challenge, and what better way than to take an old pallet and turn it into a castle! 
Some time ago, my 6 year old and I patiently pieced together a castle made of little wooden bricks that I sliced up from an old pallet. 
It started a trend.

toy trains built from pallet wood

Pallets to Trains

A discarded wooden pallet, an old closet rod and some left-over hardware become little wooden trains! My youngest fell in love with a similar train drawn by a string when we were overseas visiting family, so I decided to surprise him with one of his own when we returned stateside.

toy kitchen from reclaimed wood

Reclaimed Wood to Furniture

I enjoy the challenge of building and designing furniture using reclaimed wood and hardware. This play kitchen, for example, is made completely of reclaimed materials, including the hardware, screws, bolts, etc.  
Shelves, couches, tables, shelves, it can all be done!

photo manipulated image of child climbing cliff

Photoshop Fun

The daunting cliffs that make up Turda Gorges natural reserve in Romania are enough to challenge even the most experienced of climbers. See how I got my prodigious 6-year-old to laugh in the face of 300 meter rugged walls of doom. Witness him performing a one-finger hand-stand on a Bobby Car. Your kid can too!